Dispenser with a built-in to automate filling ELATECH-L1/RFID-100  

Dispenser is intended for self-service refueling vehicles and machines by diesel or other fuels with a flash point above 55 ºC.
It has a durable and aesthetic design. It is easy to install, use and maintenance. The electronic counter controls persons and vehicles entitled to the refueling, and with a built-in mechanisms for calibration, provides high-end mesurement properties.
It is designed primarily for work on the internal company fuel stations. It can be connected to ground or underground tanks or a container.
How it works?

Dispenser ELATECH-L1 requires user authorization before refuel. For this purpose, shall be used in electronic identification cards. Depending on configuration, approval may be one or two-element. In a two-element authorization distributor requires, driver's and vehicle's card registered in the system. None of this prevents the refuelings.
Refueling informations are stored in memory with a capacity of 800 refuelings without the need to communicate with your computer. These data are available on request and can be sent to your computer, even at very large distances. Once you submit and verify the correctness of the data, memory is cleared and prepared for subsequent registration.

Technical parameters



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